Re: Looking for U.S. military information on Warren J. FRIEDMAN during World War II - #usa

Herschel L. Sheiness

Yes, the National JWV does, or did, maintain a database of deceased Jewish veterans if the name is reported to them.  I do know that at one point there were over 30,000 names in it.  However, several years ago it was a mess which is why I stopped sending names for Texas and now maintain my own database.  It is my understanding that National JWV assumed responsibility for the database from the person who maintained it for years so it might have been cleaned up.  Can't hurt to ask them what they have.  Regretfully, even though I am on the National Cemetery Committee, I have no idea who you would contact.  As Edward said, just Google and ask.

Herschel Sheiness
San Antonio, Tx

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