Announcing the publication of the Zychlin Yizkor Book #yizkorbooks #poland

Susan Rosin

JewishGen Press is proud to announce the publication of our 154th title: Zychlin Memorial Book (Żychlin, Poland).
This is the English translation of Sefer Zychlin.



HardCover 8.5” x 11”, 334 pages with original photographs


Editor of Original Yizkor Book: Ami Shamir

Project Coordinators: Leon Zamosc, David Goren and Lori Sandoval

Cover Design: Jan R. Fine

Name Indexing: Jonathan Wind


Żychlin, Poland is located at 52°15' N 19°37' E and 59 miles W of Warszawa


This is the English translation of the Memorial Book of Zychlin (Sefer Zychlin), published in 1974 by the Zychliner Organization in Israel and America.


Zychlin, a small town in the District of Kutno in central Poland, was home to a Jewish community for more than 400 years, until the last remaining Jews were deported and murdered at the Chelmno extermination camp by the German Nazis. The book contains much insight about the local community and its involvement in the processes and events that shaped the fate of the Polish Jews in different historical periods and especially during the 20th century. Through personal accounts, narratives, documents and photographs, it tells the stories of the Zychliners’ difficulties and successes in their efforts to live their lives as Jews. It also gives us a somber sense of their helplessness and despair as the community faced persecution and destruction following the occupation of Poland by Nazi Germany.

While this English edition preserves the original content of the book in its entirety, it also includes some photographs, written materials, and lists of Holocaust victims that only became available after the Hebrew and Yiddish book was published in 1974.


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Susan Rosin

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