Re: Location please, help - where is Jaroszowka Russia, and Faroozowka, Russia #records

Hap Ponedel


This has been a good puzzle. I assume the Jaroszowka you speak of is the town as named when your ancestor was on the move, so before WWII, at least. Thus I would search for these locations on historical maps. Searching for the first two locations provided above by Sherri turn up nothing on historical images. So searching for the third location, first from the modern Google map takes me to a location in the former area of Austrian Galicia. This is contradictory to your suggestion of a location in Russia. But take a look at this screenshot from an 1878 map: 

The spelling is pretty clear. This village is east of the town of Gdow, (G'dov) a few miles. Here is a larger screenshot:

Notice Jaroszowka in the lower right corner. 
Here is a link to the map:

I hope you find this useful.

Hap Ponedel
Eugene, OR

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