My Cousin was Possibly Euthanized in Vienna: Looking for Hospital File #austria-czech #holocaust

Steven Turner

Hoping that somebody here can help me with this issue. I recently through probate records obtained information on Leon Prager, who was my first cousin, the son of my father's sister. He was born in Vienna in 1929 although the IKG has no birth record for him. He was born deformed and was institutionalized his whole life.
After the Anschluss my father went to visit him and he was not there and nobody in the hospital knew what happened to him. We suspect he was euthanized.
The IKG found a burial record (attached) for him at Zentralfriedhof IV and I had this picture taken of what was an unmarked grave. The cemetery said they put up this plaque a few years ago. The burial record said he died on January 2nd, 1939 at the Steinhof Hospital.
I have engaged with a professor who is an expert in this field and he asked me to get the hospital file of Leo. I applied to the Municipal Archive but have had no luck.
Anybody have any idea how I can get this file? Thanks so much.

Steven S. Turner

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