Re: Ritchie Boys to be put up for Congressional Gold Medal #usa

Josh Freeling

I made a typo in my original post. I said "about 2000" when I should have said "about 2600" according to the information I have. My mistake. I have seen estimates that say 1/5 were Jewish, but that number seems to apply to just those who completed the 8 week course, where the figure is around 20% who are Jewish, but those numbers do not tell the whole story. Some did not finish, due to grades and the like. Others however may not have graduated because the Army urgently needed them, so they pulled them from the course. According to the research by Dan Gross, from 7/27/1942 to 9/20/1945, there were 19,669 who graduated any course at Camp Ritchie. Approximately 3800 did not graduate.

Just over 2100 Jewish Ritchie Boys were sent overseas. Just over 220 were known not to have been sent overseas.

The three largest birth place among Jewish Ritchie Boys were:
America: 781
Germany: 1103
Austria: 339
Those three countries alone account for 2223 Jewish Ritchie Boys


Josh Freeling
North Carolina

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