Deportation from Vienna #holocaust

Robert Fraser

Dear Friends - My grandfather, living in Vienna, was sent to a labour camp, 'Arbeitslager Wendefurt', in April 1938 (a few days before his son's wedding!)

We know that he was deported, with his wife, on a transport from Vienna to Riga on Dec 3 1941; presumably from 'Aspangbahnhof'. He was never seem again and is presumed to have died in the massacre at Bikernieke woods near Riga..

My research shows that the Wendefurt camp inmates worked on dam construction.

It is assumed that he was returned to Vienna at some point, so my question is - how long might he have remained in the camp? Can anyone theorise what might have happened? We have no family stories on what might have happened between these dates.

Please respond privately, unless the response is of general interest.

Shabbat Shalom

Robert W Fraser, Perth, Western Australia
Researcher 6342

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