Hungarian Holocaust Victims DB project (fwd) #hungary

Ujlaki Gyorgy <ujlaki.gyorgy@...>

"Charles R. Mandelbaum" <cmandel@...> 1999.03.14. 11:47:45
-5h-kor irta:

Perhaps, a wiser path is to start cataloging the easy to obtain
data, for example, that in the Yizkor books and validated transit
lists in the various Holocaust museums.

UGY: Please, visit the H-SIG homepage! You will find a preliminary
bibliography of Yizkor books and other relevant works.

The search for additional
and corroborating sources can continue in parallel. Inevitably, the
process will turn up duplicate entries and these wil have to be
resolved. That's independent of the eventual approach taken by the

UGY: The more data we have, the less is the chance for duplication!

What if the project only finds fifty percent of the names? That
would be a blessing because the memory of fifty percent would be
preserved. If the project only gets seventy-five percent, that would
be a bigger blessing, still. Conversely, if the project never gets
started because of arguments perfection, then no names get
remembered and the Third Reich won.



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