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"Louis Schonfeld" <lmagyar@...> 1999.03.15. 12:56:11 -5h-kor irta:

Apropos of the discussion regarding the Hungarian Holocaust Names Project-

A list of Holocaust victims should be available
on the internet before we even begin to mobilize for a similar effort to do
the same things for Hungarian Jews.

UGY: I don't want to underestimate the inertia of a robust organization, like the
YV, especially when it is financed >from German Holocaust reparation monies.
Just think about the debates concerning the grandious plans of the Berlin
Holocaust Memorial. A loose network, like H-SIG, which is totally voluntary can
not undertake tasks similar to YV. But it is true the other way around!

UGY: I percieve H-SIG as a network of Jewish Genealogists of specific interest in
the former Hungarian Kingdom. Therefore, the Hungarian Holocaust Names
Project won't be a mere reproduction or duplication of the YV project. The DB
should contain data relevant to all of us - genealogists!

I won't impose my opinion on the sig
UGY: Your opinion is very important and has a great weight in the discussion. I
think it is not a matter is imposing your opinion, but contributing your thoughts,
arguments, insights and opinion.

[LS: when extracted >from the total message and without the necessary context to soften its meaning, the words "I won't impose my opinion on the sig" sounds imperious. I regret the choice of these words; and since UGY gives my viewpoint such credence it would be more representative of my view to state - I won't proffer an opinion on this matter.]

I have an alternative proposal. This morning I had a telephone conversation
with Stanley Diamond the head of the JRI-Poland project, and he was enthused
about the idea of a JRI-Hungary project. For those of you not familiar with
the JRI-Poland project I suggest you visit their web site to learn about
this ambitious undertaking. Eventually, it will allow us to create a
computerized, searchable database of all the births, marriages, and deaths,
recorded on the microfilms of the Mormons and the Hungarian National

UGY: I think it is a very worthy and ambitious project! But why alternative?

[LS: I only have a simple response to this question. Enthusiasm in the fulfilment of a Mitzvah is a virtue (Hiddur Mitzvah or if you prefer Zerizus). However, our ability to do justice to both projects simultaneously doesn't seem possible at this time. As a number of you are, I too am a child of the Holocaust. For the first fifteen years of my life I had contact almost exclusively with Hungarian survivors and their children. I was exposed to the fear that somewhere "out there" there also lived Nazis. Therefore, it would be painful to me if I were labeled insensitive to the cause of rememberance. All I ask is that we await the results of the Yad Vashem project. In the past I have been critical of Yad Vashem - but now with new leadership the promise may be kept.]

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