Article on Jewish officers in 1848 #hungary

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Hi everyone,

Excuse me if what I am sending is known information, but I did look on the
website and have not seen reference to it. On the site there is a list of
Jewish soldiers and officers in the 1848 armies >from the book on this
subject by Bela Bernstein. I would like to bring to your attention a
recent article by Gabor Bona in the journal Mult es Jovo [Past and Future]
98/1, dealing with the officers of Jewish origin, and providing names and
brief biographies of some 152 officers. Unfortunately the article (and the
magazine) is in Hungarian. If anyone would like the bio of any individual
translated, I am willing. I do not have time to do the whole article right
now. The article can be found on the following website:
Actually, the whole issue seems to be devoted to 1848, and may have other
articles of interest to some people (such as one on the Jews of Gyongyos in
Regards, Judy

Judy Young or:
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