FW: Searching ancestors Grauman or Graumann #poland

Ed Marks



Yolande --
Thanks for your response and the questions you raise.  Yes, I have found records that at least two of the Graumanns are buried in the Evangelish cemetery. I understand that births and deaths might have been recorded there, but the burials are what have me scratching my head.  These records are not from Mormon libraries, but elsewhere (and I don't have immediate access to the data, or I would send you a copy of each).

Names are a different issue. The family seems to have used the same names -- Caspar Wilhelm Graumann, for example -- in succeeding or alternate generations, which is also confusing. So these are some of things in this line that I have to untangle.

Thanks so much for your suggestions, although I think I've already found the brick wall. I have emails one of the churches, to see what records they might have,

Ed  Marks

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