Re: Yiddish given name Doda #yiddish


In rabbincal sources (names for divorces) the female name Doda is listed as a Sefardi name - not Yiddish.

There were Saferdi communities in south-eastern Europe.

David Shapiro
I'm not sure what you are trying to state by that - that one source only has Sefardi women with that name, which means that there is no possibility that Azhkenazim used this name as well?  As I mentioned in my previous post, there are about 3 pages of victims on Yad Vashem, vast majority of them are from Eastern Europe.   The name was used by both men and women.  I suspect that the male version is a nickname for David, as it sounds close to other Azhkenazi nicknames like Dodik, Dodiya, Dodka, etc.

Mike Vayser

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