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Renee Steinig


I'm hoping that this is your tree on Ancestry
and that Dora Swartz Weiss is the grandmother you asked about.

These were the reported birth places of three of her siblings:

      Peter Schwartz - Odessa (sources: his Declaration of Intention [1941] and his WW2 draft registration)
      Phillip Swartz - Odessa (source: his Petition for Naturalization [1943])
      Samuel Swartz - "Conshan" (source: his wife May, on her Declaration of Intention [1941])

And this was the reported place of birth of a half sibling:

      Joseph William Swartz - Ananoff (source: his Petition for Naturalization [1921]) or Annanev (source: his WW2 draft registration)

Perhaps "Oranif," reported by Dora's husband on his Petition, was a misspelling of Ananoff/Annavev, the town mentioned on Joseph's records. It's now Ananiv or Ananyiv, Ukraine. Anan(y)iv is about 100 miles from Odessa -- so much closer than other towns that have been mentioned as possibilities.

Anan(y)iv was in Kherson Gubernia -- maybe misspelled as "Conshan" on May's record.


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My grandfather's naturalization papers state that my grandmother came from Oranif Russia, but what was actually Ukraine.  I have not been able to find anything about Oranif anywhere.  Does anyone have any familiarity with this shtetl or town?   
Jerome S. Morse

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