Re: Yiddish given name Doda #yiddish


I do not have the name written in Yiddish or Hebrew, which is why I was asking for the correct spelling.

The name of the person in question was definitely Doda.  You can see plenty of example on Yad Vashem of this version of the name.  Every single person, whose last name starts with the letter F has it spelled as Doda/Dodya/Dode (Дода/Додя/Доде in Russian).  The only exception is Frisch, but that person was from Central Europe, not Eastern Europe. Same spelling for all last names that start with G and I, where the form is not filled out in Hebrew.   I think the "aunt" part should be treated as a coincidence for the Yiddish-speaking areas.  Why would someone call their aunt "duda", if the name for aunt is tante in Yiddish?

Mike Vayser

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