Re: New names for old villages #hungary

Paula Spier <pspier@...>

Patricia Weisshaus gave suggests that placing"nyir" in front of a town
might give a location. We also found a new name for our grandfather's
village (Agard). There is an Agard west of Budapest, which is not the
right one; he lived in Zemplen, in the North east. His village is now
Zemplenagard. So maybe putting the name of the county in front of some
small lost village might help?
Paula Spier
Yellow Springs, OH

On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, Patricia J. Weisshaus wrote:

When I was searching for Gyulaj the only one I could find was in Western
Hungary. but it was now Nyirgyulaj. That's where we found the records.

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