Missing Father On Birth Certificate (on children 8-10 of 10) #poland #records


Sorry if this has been explained somewhere else. I did try to do a search but couldn't find any answers that fit my exact situation.
My great-great-grandmother, Udel Fruchthandler, had 9 siblings, but Udel's father, Chaim Jakob (Jochym) is only listed on the first 7 birth records. On the remaining 3 the father is left blank. But more boggling (for me, anyways) is that there's only a year between the birth of child 7, with Chaim listed as the father, and the birth of child 8, with no father listed. What are possible scenarios for this? Initially my thought was that my great-great-great grandmother (Sara Rosenstock) remarried (perhaps due to Chaim's death?) but I've been unable to find any death record for Chaim or anything establishing a second husband for Sara. I've heard that, because of the cost, marriages often weren't officiated and therefore weren't legally recognized. Maybe that's the situation here? I'm also not sure how second marriages worked historically at that time, so maybe a second marriage wouldn't have been registered at all? Any insight would be much appreciated!

Sara Galindez

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