Movsha Volk descendent #lithuania

David Wolk

Movsha and Hana Azvalk or Volk lived in Jurbarkas and Jonava, Lithuania from approx. 1820 through 1890.  They had several children, one a son who would have been born circa 1845-50.  That son is believed to have married Leba or Liba Breski whose family lived in Krekanava.  That Volk son and his wife Leba had at least six children, all of whom emigrated as young adults from Lithuania.  Two of those adult children reported on their emigration documents that they had previously lived in Petkuny, Lithuania.  After emigrating all of the children and Leba used the surname Wolk.  Leba's emigration documents in 1908 reported her as a widow. I am unable to find any documents or family references that provide a confirmed name for Leba's husband and the the father of the six children.  Birth, death and burial details remain unknown.

Any suggestions or guidance for identifying Leba's husband greatly appreciated.

David Wolk
Ontario, Canada

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