Re: Kastoria synagogue and Sephardic community in Brooklyn #sephardic


The following is information my husband gave me as he was raised in that synagogue. The Sephardi synagogue/organization has been in continuous operation. Congregation founded in 1911 and acquired the building from a congregation for $1 in 1926. Located at 1926 63rd St. Friendship Truth and Brotherly Synagogue (718)-259-2449. As of 2014, it was still operational. Congregants are buried in Mt. Hebron (Queens) There are a few dozen Perririlos (3 different spellings) listed in cemetery.

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My husband attended there in the 1950s (his father was Sephardic and mother was Ashkenazia (a mixed marriage) and his father would point to the congregation and say "Meet your community." My father-in-law's parents and one sister arrived in New York/Brooklyn from Kastoria around 1905. A few years ago PBS showed a film about the Jews of Kastoria. Sadly WWII ended that population.
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