Re: Hebrew to English #translation


Hi Robin, 

This epitaph is written in slightly poetic style to accommodate in acrostiche the name Chaim Yossef.

Ch With your parting we lost a good friend. 
Y We are bitterly lamenting over your grave
Y All your days you were G-d fearing
M We so much feel suffering and broken
Y May your name and remembrance be blessed for ever.
O And you were a crown for the heads of your posterity.
S You supported the poor with charity. 
F You were the glory of your whole family. 

Chaym Yossef son of Arieh Yehuda

Passed away on the 3rd of Adar II 5695 = March 8th 1935.
Should his soul bound to the bundle of living

Best regards, 

Laurent Kassel 
Moreshet, Israel 

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