Re: Finding a relative in England through DNA, but can't communicate with her #unitedkingdom #dna

Michele Lock

If you can find a mailing address, that may be a better way to get a response from her, if she hasn't responded to anything electronic. 

I have had pretty good luck contacting older but more distant relatives via an old-fashioned letter. I include enough details about my family tree on both sides, including where my family came from in the old country, and where they settled into in the US. I've also listed out the surnames of all my great grandparents, in case any sound familiar to the recipient. Also, in case the person is interested, I give them the name of my family tree on, and tell them I can issue a free guest invitation, in chance they want to have a look at the tree themselves.

I have tested on Ancestry DNA, and my track record there is that 90% of my semi-close DNA matches don't respond to my messages, or they don't know much of their family trees, so aren't any help in figuring out how we are related. Most people who have their DNA tested are either interested in their ethnicity breakdown, or they are doing testing for health reasons. 

I want to add - I also believe in respecting people's privacy. If they don't respond, I don't pester them. 
Michele Lock

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