BACKMAN in Montreal #canada #poland

Rachel Unkefer

Looking for information on all families from Montreal, Quebec, Canada named BACKMAN. Having done some research on the family of Abraham Hillel BACHRACH which became BACKMAN in Canada, I'm trying to find out whether several other BACKMAN families were related. Were they all originally named BACHRACH?

At least some of the BACHRACH->BACKMAN children were born in Narewka, Poland. I have no information on others.

Examples of names:
Benny BACKMAN (ca 1877-1951) Bentzion ben Meir
Meyer BACKMAN (1889-1974) Meier Michael ben Shmarye
Chaim/Hyman BACKMAN (ca 1858-1924) Chaim ben Simcha Aaron

If you have any connection to these families, please get in touch.
Rachel Unkefer
Central Virginia, USA

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