Re: Update on JRI-Poland GLOWNO records extraction project #records #poland #announcements


I'd like to clarify:- 

JRI-Poland currently posts indices for Glowno B 1826-33 and M 1826-43, 1846-53, and 1866-67.  There are 669 posted records for those years.

Thus, JRI-Poland has never posted any information for BMD 1808-25, B 1834-67, D 1826-67, or M 1844-45 and 1854-65, and we have 4,091 new records --  in addition to 669 expanded records -- for those years.  Those records have never before been searchable. 

Naomi Leon 
Glowno Town Leader & Lodz Area Research Coordinator (JRI-Poland) 

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