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Cherie Korer <korer@...>

Susanna Vendel asked about the location of Kretchniv. I will send you
the email I sent our small group awhile ago on this subject. I located
Kretchnif thanks to David Lebovitz loaning me the Maramouras Book.
Today it is called Craciunesti. It's in Romania 5.2 miles ENE from
Sighet. The co-ordinates of Craciuesti are 4758 2359.

Let me take this opportunity to tell everyone about my family's new
Seder tradition. This year we remembered those of our family and of all
families who perished in the Holocaust. We read the names of the fallen
and their relationship to us and the date they were deported (if known).
(My research since 1991 has uncovered 35 souls.) We then lit Yarseit
candles and had a moment of silence. Our joyous seder became very solemn
then, but everyone said it was very meaningful.

I saw "Life is Beautiful" last night and it reminded me of a story of
heroism in my own family. Does anyone know a Kaplinsky family, whose
father gave his life to save his wife and child in the Ghetto of
Baranovitz (in Belarus). The wife and child imigrated to America after
the Holocaust.

Regards to everyone, and thanks!

Cherie Korer
Scottsdale, AZ

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