Hungarin Artist, Ivanyi Grunwald Bela #hungary


My husband's grandmother Grunwald Roza was either the sister or aunt of
Ivanyi- Grunwald Bela. In trying to make the correct linkage of their
relationship I need some help before I do extensive research. The artist was
born in Somogysom on May 6.1867 and died in Budapest Sept. 2 1940. There are
many references to him on the Internet but none that give the name of his
parents. Do any of our Hungarian siggers living in Hungary know his parents'
names and where he is buried? I have written to the Somogy megye archives for
his birth record, but that will take months to receive a reply. BTW, he gave
himself the name IVANYI in 1907. Hoping to here >from someone soon.

Eleanor Bien

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