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Phil Goldfarb

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Phil Goldfarb Tulsa, Oklahoma USA, Editor

Date: January 8, 2023

 “A Family Without The Understanding Of Their Past History, Foundation And Ethnicity Is Like A Tree Without Roots” 



Enjoy this week’s Nosh!




1.      IAJGS Call for Proposals. The Call for Proposals for the 2023 Annual International Conference on Jewish Genealogy will close at 11"59 PM (EST), Saturday, January 15.The Program Committee is already reviewing the submissions that have come in so far, but we are still looking for more good ideas. All speakers will receive free Conference Registration. This applies only to the primary speaker at labs, panels, etc. Compensation will be based on the number of talks accepted. To submit a proposal, go to: Call for Proposals | 43rd IAJGS Int'l Conference on Jewish Genealogy (


2.      New and Updated Databases on IGRA’s Website. The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) has just released new and updated databases on its website. There are now over 2.5 million records available in our databases. With each release we provide a variety of records to our collection. A preview of the databases is available at


3.      IAJGS booth staffing at RootsTech. On March 2-4, 2023, the RootsTech Conference   will return to its in-person roots in Salt Lake City, Utah. IAJGS will be there with a booth in which we will celebrate the great opportunities and resources offered by our JGS’s and associate members. If you will be attending RootsTech, please consider volunteering for one or more slots staffing our booth. Most of the directors will be there to work the booth, but a few more people would be optimal. If you are going and would like to volunteer, contact Emily Garber at emilyhgarber@...   and she will send you a link to their signup sheet.


4.      United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) Proposes Fees Increases Including 54% and 85% Increases for Genealogy Records Searches and Requests. Anyone considering ordering any genealogy records from USCIS,  you are encouraged to order them now to save any possible increases happening later in the year. To read about the proposed rule see:   Thanks to Jan Meisels Allen, Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee for bringing this to our attention.


5.      What to Expect from FamilySearch in 2023. In 2023, FamilySearch patrons can expect free access to more of the world’s genealogical records, new search capabilities, more free help, and more localized discovery experiences. Read more at: What to Expect from FamilySearch in 2023


6.      Interesting Facts about Jews in Early America. American Jewish history goes back centuries. Here are some lesser-known facts about Jewish individuals and communities in Early America. Read the story from Aish: Interesting Facts about Jews in Early America -


7.      The European Genizah. The term “European Genizah” refers to thousands of individual pages that were torn out of Hebrew manuscripts centuries ago, and then used to bind books and cover archival files. Sometimes these pages were discovered by chance, and sometimes as a result of a systematic search. They were discovered mainly in Central Europe, in dozens of libraries, archives, and monasteries, and even among private possessions. Read the story from The Tablet: The European Genizah - Tablet Magazine


8.      Gogol Mogol-The Old-School Jewish Drink Will Cure What Ails You. This recipe comes straight from the shtetl, and is part healing drink, part dessert. Gogol mogol is a Yiddish word for a shtetl recipe that dates back to 17th-century Central Europe. There are countless variations of gogol mogol, but it is traditionally made by beating raw egg yolks with sugar or honey until they become thick, light and frothy. Read the story from My Jewish Learning: The Old-School Jewish Drink Will Cure What Ails You | The Nosher (


9.      Using Genetic Genealogy to Track a Killer. The murder of 4 college students in Idaho was solved using a technique known as genetic genealogy. Read how it was legally done: How Idaho cops used genetic genealogy to hunt down suspect Bryan Kohberger | Daily Mail Online


10.  2.67 million tourists visited Israel in 2022. Restrictions on travel due to COVID were only fully removed in May. Last year, 2,675,000 foreign tourists visited Israel, compared to 397,000 in 2021 and 831,000 in 2020, when international travel was curbed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, some 70,000 people from 95 different countries immigrated to Israel in 2022, the most olim in 23 years and a dramatic increase from 2021, when about 28,600 immigrants arrived in the country. Also in 2022, Israel’s population increased by 2.2% to a total of 9,656,000, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. Read the full story from JNS: 2.67 million tourists visited Israel in 2022 -


11.  11 Inducted into the 2023 International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. The list includes athletes and sports figures from across sports and around the world — from water polo to fencing, and from the United States to Hungary. Read the story from the Times of Israel: ESPN's Chris Berman among 11 International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame 2023 inductees | The Times of Israel


12.  Two Jewish Women who Broke through Gender Barriers in Science.  Hertha Ayrton, The Jewish Marie Curie (1854 –1923) and  Gertrude B. Elion, Recipient of the 1988 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1918 – 1999) are two great scientists you probably never heard of. Read the story from Aish: Two Jewish Women who Broke through Gender Barriers in Science -


13.  Jerusalem's 2,000-year-old Pilgrimage Road preparing for modern revival. For almost a decade, archaeologists in the City of David have been working hard to uncover the Pilgrimage Road and bring a 2,000-year-old journey to life. Also known as the Stepped Street, thousands, if not millions, of Jewish pilgrims once ascended along the ancient path to reach the Temple. Read the story from The Jerusalem Post: Jerusalem's 2,000-year-old Pilgrimage Road preparing for modern revival - The Jerusalem Post (


14.  Unrepentant old school New Jersey Jewish mobster sings like a canary in Amazon documentary. At 84, second-generation gangster Myron Sugerman was king of illegal slots and helped fund Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal. Now he tells all in the 2022 film ‘Last Man Standing.’ Read the story from The Times of Israel: Unrepentant old school NJ Jewish mobster sings like a canary in Amazon documentary | The Times of Israel


15.  Newly found 3,600-year-old silver pieces are 1st currency in Levant, study claims. University of Haifa and Hebrew University archaeologists find silver pieces from Anatolia that reveal robust trade routes and currency use 500 years earlier than previously thought. Read the story: Newly found 3,600-year-old silver pieces are 1st currency in Levant, study claims | The Times of Israel


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