Re: Questions about children who suddenly appear on census #usa


I'm following this with interest as my husband's ggrandfather appears on US censuses from 1895 until 1910 with his wife and all his children listed too. He certainly travelled to America and back from the family homes in Manchester and Glasgow during that time and died in Stuebenville, Ohio in 1913. His probate records state that his wife lived in Scotland.
Neither my husband's grandfather or his great uncle said anything about being there. There are no ship manifests that show them going to America, including one in 1909 that shows just the ggrandfather. A great aunt, whose detailed letters about the family history I've seen, mentioned nothing either except to say that her father wanted the family to move to America but her mother had had enough of travelling. All very strange.
Any ideas? 
Shoshanah Glickman

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