Re: Jews in the Polish region of Galicia - Austrian citizenship #galicia #poland


There are numerous items in the original query and the responses that require clarification.
In the photo the soldier is carrying a riding crop.  He is also wearing riding boots.  It would indicate that he may have had duties involving horses. My grandfather, dressed in a very similar uniform, was in the 10th heavy artillery brigade.  I suppose horses were used to move the artillery.  Cavalry regiments tended to have different and distinctive uniforms.

There is an assumption in the responses, based on the custom of English-speaking countries, that birth in a location grants you citizenship of that country.  Not so in central Europe.  The Austrian Empire had the concept of "zustanding", which defined the locality you came from and the citizenship.  My grandparents moved to Hungary but as they were "zustanding" in Moravia, their children did not acquire Hungarian citizenship. It required special petitions even though the children were born in Budapest and their parents had become Hungarian.

I was also under the belief that before World War 2, upon marriage a wife lost her citizenship and acquired the citizenship of her husband.  This may vary by country.

Tom Beer

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