Re: USCIS Status Reads “Closed” #records

Renée K. Carl

Hello All
If you receive a notification that the status is "closed" but you have not received what you requested, immediately email (if that gets truncated, the email address is Genealogy (dot) USCIS (at) USCIS (dot) dha (dot) gov ). Provide all the details of your request and put the GEN ID# in the subject line and body of the email.

Secondly, if you receive language that reads "the Department is working with the records holding facility to rectify this issue [missing records] through records reconciliations and auditing procedures" and they suggest you wait a few years and try again, be angry. Write to your member of Congress and let them know you are receiving poor service, and request help. Ask your member of Congress if they can find out exactly when you should request again, or if they can get additional details on the "auditing and reconciliation procedures." has tried to get information on this statement and it is our understanding that there are no known reconciliation or auditing procedures taking place.

If you have received such a letter and are willing to share it with RecordsNotRevenue, please contact me privately.

thank you
Renee Carl
Washington DC

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