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On Mon, Jan 16, 2023 at 03:29 PM, Seth Bittker wrote:
Hi Seth, below you will find the translation. Best
Catherine Morin

 N°1 Death of Simon Charles Grossmann

January 1st


On 1919 January 1st, on 2 a.m., Simon Charles Grossmann, born in Fontainebleau on November 24th, 1897, no profession, son of Moïse Grossmann, hatter, aged 63, and his wife Léontine Joseph, aged 59, no profession, residing in that town (you should have the town in your record, Fontainebleau?), Grande Street , N° 118, divorced from Marie Eugène Gabrielle Aussavis, died in his home, Grande Street , N° 118. Act drawn up on 1918 (sic, the clerk had perhaps celebrated new year! The same happened for one of my grandfathers), January 1st, 9 A.M, according to the declaration by Paul Moreau, aged 56, Regisseur of Funeral Services and Jules Gautier, aged 55, coachman, both residing in this town, who after reading, signed with us, Charles Satin, associate mayor of…


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