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Wendy Kalman

My Berman family was originaly named BURDA and they came from a tiny agricultural colony in founded in 1859 by settlers from Volyn and Podolia as a Jewish agricultural colony in the Tiraspol district of the Kherson province , on the left side of the Sredny Kuyalnik river. It was the last of the Jewish colonies founded in Novorossiya. Today, it has 215 residents and is located in the Shyriaieve Raion Odessa region. I've collected a ltoof info on it but cannto find anthing about my family, especially where vital records for them might have been kept. 

this is about all the Jewish agricutlural colonies int eh South of Ujraine and Crimea:

I'm alsohappy to share all the info I found on Berdynovo. I just wish I could find out more about Yoel Burda, where he came from. Two of the four children of his (Bessie/Pese, David, Morris/Moshe and Clara/Chaike) I traced to the US were my great grandparents (my parents are related). i cannot know for certain where they emigrated from without vital records to get me Yoel's parents' names...

Anyway, anyone who wants to see the research I've amassed -- some of which applies to the other colonies in that regions -- are welcome to check out 
00 Berdynovo.docx (!AsqD_if0QqCNjhotmJ590awNYISp?e=v1S3Jb)

Wendy Kalman 
Acworth, GA

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