Victims of Holodomor #ukraine

Gary Khusidman

Dear Researchers,

I have recently come across a website in Ukrainian listing known victims of Holodomor in 1932-1933.   The website is .  My question is whether the people listed are verifiably victims of Holodomor (meaning that they have died of starvation or malnutrition-related illness) or the list automatically includes everyone who verifiably died during that period.  

The reason I am asking is because quite surprisingly I found my great-great-grandmother Gitlya Barenboym on the list, and I have my doubts that she died of starvation or malnutrition:
- She was 85 when she died, which correlates with her children and grandchildren who also lived into their 80's.
- She is listed as living with her son.  Everything I know about this son (who himself lived until the age of 93) is that he was a good man and would not have let his mother starve.
- That whole side of the family has always been close-knit and extremely capable.  In fact, I would expect these people to be the least likely among my relatives to die during famine.

Thank you all in advance for your answers.

Gary Khusidman
Researching: KHUSIDMAN (Shiryaevo / Odessa)
                      BARENBOYM (Odessa) / BARINBOYM (Khmelnik)
                      MILMAN, PIVNIK / PIVNYK, SHATZ (Raygorodok)
                      SHTEKELBERG (Raygorodok, Skvira, Kishinev)
                      VILGUZ / VILGUS, ARENSHTAM (Kherson)

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