Re: Judith Diamond. (2002). A Latskova Haggadah #lithuania

Jan S. Krogh

Many thanks, this name is clearly shared by many women.

Without revealing too much private information, in 2002 the Judith Diamond I'm looking for was living in London. She is a member of this JewishGen group and keeps a UK email address.
The book's full title is A Latskova Haggadah: The Gl├╝ck, Epel, Neipris and Nachemson Families and their Descendents in Latskova, Lithuania, and Sweden, Denmark, England, America, and Israel, 1800-2000. London: self-published.

She has also authored
Laos (1989) and Solomon Islands (1995).

Jan S. Krogh, Vilnius, Lithuania

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