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tzipporah batami

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I know how my family names--both sides --were changed, though why for only one of them. My father's last name was Slonimsky, eventually he and his brothers changed it to Sloan for business reasons. My mother's family name was Zlates on her birth certificate. I've seen this name in searches too. Later the spelling was anglicized. 

A further note: one does not have to be present to learn history and how things were done. There are articles on JewishGen and elsewhere explaining that families did not change their names at Ellis Island, by and large. 

In this particular case, Waterstone being a direct translation of Wasserstein, the explanation is probably that the family anglicized the name. Note that Wasserstein would be pronounced as Vassershtein.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

 Thank you. There was active encouragement to anglicize names of Eastern European immigrants in USA as well as Great Britain. I took exception to global statement of certainty that it was not due to influence of immigration officials since I know that that is not the case, hence my comment about being there. I just don't want author of query to believe his ancestors changed name to avoid family connection unless that is passed down in his family. Feigie Teichman

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