Re: Giving Birth at 45? A possibility? #romania

Albert Braunstein

Marijke Bekken wrote: "Just FYI, yes, there are a finite number of eggs, but it is way more than will ever be ovulated. A woman is born with about a million eggs, and is down to around 300,000 at puberty. One per month times perhaps 40 years of fertility would only use about 480 of these, so there are plenty left in normal circumstances whether or not she was pregnant. " 

To suggest that there. are plenty of eggs left by menopause is incorrect. According to gynecologist Dr Jen Gunter, author of The Menopause Manifesto, by menopause there are only 100 to 1000 eggs (primordial follicles) and they are incapable of ovulation. Although there are 300,000 at puberty and one a month is lost each menstrual cycle with ovulation, the vast majority of eggs are lost by follicle atresia. See also the explanation in the article below. In America the average age of menopause is 51 years, so a woman of 45 could become pregnant but this would depend on the quantity and quality of her eggs. If the 45 year old woman has gone through menopause then she will be unable to conceive through natural methods.
Dr Albert Braunstein
Melbourne, Australia

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