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Joachim Mugdan

Josef Hannum wrote:

The Berlin researcher should also check indexes at the ... courts handling bankruptcy, civil lawsuit, and even liability (tort) lawsuits. 
This could be very time-consuming and costly since German court records are not online.
In Berlin, there was and is a local court (Amtsgericht) in each city district. You can find the court for a particular address in a 1930 list of streets, "Amtliches Straßenverzeichnis der Stadt Berlin". (Under "Cite and reuse", there is a link to the PDF version so that you can download the entire volume.)
The commercial register (Handelsregister) I mentioned earlier should give you basic information about what happened to the business, and it may contain a reference to a court case if there was one, making it easier to find the relevant file. Many of the old court records are now at the state archives (Landesarchiv); when I searched the holdings for "Amtsgericht" just now, I saw that the commercial register has been transferred to the state archives, too.


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