Grand-aunt hiding behind brick wall #usa


I'm hoping that someone can somehow supply a ladder, or a shovel, to help me get behind a brick wall that's been stopping me for several years. My paternal grandmother, Malya Pistrong, had a sister, Pessel Pistrong, born in Radomysl Wielki Poland, ca. 1860. I have her arriving, in N.Y.C. on March 8, 1880.  On July 29, 1894, 14 years later, one of her surviving sisters gave birth to a daughter that she named Pessel. Another sister, shortly afterward, did the same. I'm assuming that both children had been named for her. I had been told that Pessel, (the immigrant), had married.  I have been unable to find any record of her in this country - whether it be residence, marriage, or death. Could she have "Americanized" her name ?   Any suggestions ??
Thank you.
Neilan Stern
searching:  RADOMYSL WIELKI - Pistrong, Stern, Spatz;  NESVIZH BELARUS - Schwarz, Schwartz, Black, Bezner, Lapin;

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