Re: Sale of Holocaust material on Ebay #holocaust #records

Wendy Kalman

I searched the seller's name, and saw Kedma Dena is an auction house that also uses BidSpirit's platform.,false?lang=en 
(This link also gives and email address of soemone at that house.) It and other auction houses have had not just Yad Vashem items in the past, but also stolen communal records in the past. When things come from private people, private collections, it's one thing (although I'd still prefer it donated to an archive), but when it it belonged to an institition or public organization, it's a more serious question.

Auction houses don't require provenance to that level, but occasionally someone can get a sale stopped. I once wrote about the bigger issue ( This blog shows where a Yad Vashem board member himself gave items to an auction house and it was stopped. 

Sometime after this, the National Library of Israel and a Hungarian museum jointly purchased records from an auction house in order to ensure digitiazion and accessbility. It's another route to go (the sellers still profit) and was the first time NLI had done that. 

--Wendy Kalman
Acworth, GA

  1. KELMANSKY -- Ladyzhyn (Vinnitsia Oblast), Pogrebishche 
  2.  MALKIS -- possibly Ladyzhyn.
  3. MARKOFF/MARKOW -- Odessa, Belaya Tserkov, Pologi (Polohy) and Glushki (Hlushky)
  4. GERSHBERG -- Odessa, before that Berdichev
  5. KRAPEL -- possibly Odessa
  6.  BURDA -- Berdynovo, a small agricultural village in Tiraspol Uezd, Odessa oblast, founded in 1859. No idea whre before.
  7. TEPLITSKY -- Mogilev-Podolsky
  8.  BERG -- Mogilev-Podolsky, before that Kamenets-Podolsky, before that Berdichev
  9. BRAUN -- Bixad, Romania and before that Panyola, Hungary 
  10.  IZSAK and FERENCZ-- Bixad, Romania
  11. NEULINGER (once NEILINGER) -- Timisoara, Szaplonta and Sanmiclaus, Romania
  12. PREISLER -- Timisoara 

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