Re: How Many New Records did the Ukraine Research Division Upload to JewishGen in March? #JewishGenUpdates #ukraine #records

Stefani Elkort Twyford

Regarding Ukraine RD's post from yesterday about the new uploads; 
We've heard from several people trying to find records in the latest batch announced yesterday. We receive the translated records back with an image that needs to be converted to work online in our database. We have a wonderful person who lives in Ukraine who does this conversion for us. This month, he was a bit overwhelmed with the 121 records that needed converting and got a bit behind.  We're sorry they are a bit late and I will follow up with another comment when we know for sure they have all been uploaded properly. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Stefani Elkort Twyford
Communications Director, Ukraine Research Division
Researching: Siegal/Segal, Spiel, Tarle, Ilkovics, Feiermann, Kronenberg, Szerman, Kletzel, Ricker/Ricken

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