Records of Unín, today in Slovakia #austria-czech



Since many months I try to find the Jewish registers for the village of
Uni­n (Skalic, Holic or Nitra district) today in Slovakia. I search the
registers for the years 1750 to 1840, especially a wedding before 1837

On JewishGen Hungary I only found a Census for the year 1869 in this
village (Unin/Holic/Nyitra) with the name I search : FRANKL

On FamilySearch I have looked the registers for Holic (Skalika) in
Slovakia, unsuccessfully for the years that interest me. But here also
the name FRANKL is on a few births like for some deaths

Does anyone know where I can find these records, if they exist ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Elisabeth Stamminger-Sonnenfeld

from France

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