Felso Dios #hungary

Robert & Sarah Klein <hamoreh@...>

Tomer Brunner asked about Felso Dios.

Felso Dios is the old Hungarian name of the current Slovak town of Horne
Oresany, located 6 miles SSW of Trstin. My father's father's family was
from Dolne Oresany, formerly Also Dios. Felso/Horne means "upper", and
Dios/Oresany means nut tree, probably the beechnut tree.

Tomer had in his list of family names "ORESCHAN". Oresan, with the 's'
pronounced as an 'sh', is the adjective of Oresany, so most likely whoever
took that name was >from one of the Oresanies.

Robert Klein
Be'er Sheva, Israel

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