Re: changing the name and scope of H-SIG #hungary

jek <jek.hbacka@...>

Hi all!

Lynn Saul >< wrote:

"I vote not to expand.
In my opinion, language and culture are the key aspects of joining an area
together for a SIG. <snip>. Although people DID in fact migrate
between these areas, particularly between Hungary and Austria in later
times, there were significant differences in both language and culture for
Jews >from these areas. While there may have been overlap in where the
records are kept, or what country the records are in now, Hungarian
speaking Jews in "greater Hungary" were a distinct group and that is what
this SIG is about. <snip>

I'd like to second. The risk of dilution is considerable and it would be a
pity, IMHO.

Jeno Kohn

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