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There are no towns listed in my reference books spelled CHOMANFALVA. There
are, however, two towns spelled KOMANFALVA:

1. KOMA'NFALVA: Bihar varmegye, Beli jaras. Now called Comanesti, Romania
and located somewhere near Oradea (was Nagyvarad, Hungary) in western
Romania. My modern road map does not show the location of Comanesti.

2. KOMA'NFALVA: Moldva, Bako megye. Also called Comanesti, Romania and is
located roughly 140 miles due north of Bucharest.

There are yet other towns with the same name. My mother's hometown of
Craciunesti shares its name with at least four other towns that are
scattered throughout Romania. Look up COMANESTI on JewishGen's ShtetlSeeker
and you'll see at least 9 towns in Romania.

Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 23:42:16 EDT
I am looking for what was in Hungary in 1896 known possibly as Chomanfalva.
This name is listed on my wife's great aunt's (Gussie ROSENTHAL) Social
security application. The first two letters are a good guess. However, the
letters after that are clearly _ _OMANFALVA.
She may have had relatives in Visk (presently Viskovo), Ukraine.
Any help? Thanks!
David Lebovitz
Chicago, IL.
Searching LEBOVICS, ROZNER (Ugocsa Megye)

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