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I would like to thank Alexander Woodle for the wonderful treasury he
presented us with in: http://www.ajhs.org/reference/adaje.cfm.

Alex writes: "through this portal you are able to enter a Proquest site
that houses the American Jewish Historical Society's journal >from 1893-1978.
I have not fully explored this site, but I did look quickly using the
keywords Bohemian and Jews. An interesting entry was a travel journal
of a Bohemian Jew leaving his homeland for America after the 1848

"A Voyage to America 90 years ago" is fascinating. Prof Guido Kisch's
introduction is valuable, however unless you read the German original,
you miss the *real gems*.

I like this account as it brings to life a young man [S.E. ROSENBAUM]
growing up just after the 1793 census of Bohemia, which I have been
studying in depth. The diary also confirms many of the things we have
discovered on our SIG, namely how a young man aged 25 in 1847, >from a
not very privileged background, had the sort of educational grounding
in German, that many today would envy. He was an amateur painter, versed
in classical literature and the German classics - he wrote beautifully,
expressively and with humour. He had travelled to Vienna, Prague and
Kolin. He also visited Strakonitz, Prachiner Kreis, where believe it
or not, he lived with the WEIL family who owned the large fez factory
we have written about on our SIG [search our message archives with the
word *Fez*, see ref 2]. ROSENBAUM was the brother-in-law of a rabbi
FURTH in Strakonitz - so could he be related to the Strakonitz FURTH
family who also owned a fez factory and later founded the Sanatorium
Furth, Vienna where I was born, which I wrote about recently [see ref 3]?

Sigger Jane Reber's LOWY great-grandfather was a superintendant in a
Strakonitz fez factories and I discovered Sigger Paul King's forbear
Joseph POLLAK lodged with Juda WEIL of Letti, Prachiner Kreis, who may
well be a relative of the Fez WEIL family. Sigger Susan Boyer also has
Bohemian FURTH relatives who may also be linked.

S.E ROSENBAUM has actually been listed on our own Austria-Czech website
for many years - see: http://www.jewishgen.org/bohmor/early_immig.html

Our young man obviously believes Bohemia is *the tops*. 19 May 1847;
he comments on the food on board the Colibri two-masted brig. For him
Bohemian cooking is of course, the best in the world - "the worst
Hannoverian cook is a Bohemian compared with the ship's cook."

On May 27 he refers to Gottlieb SAPHIR and mentions the fame of Cantor
SULZER in Vienna [see my recent posting on the name changes in Hohenems].
On the 19th May 5pm he quotes a Bohemian idiom denoting sea-sickness -
something about a Frankfurter travelling on a train to Breslau!! This
is probably the only time this phrase has been resurrected since it
was used in every day speech in the 1800s.

On 23 May, he amusingly tells us that a suave German - Herr LAZARUS
from Hamburg is not a WEDELES or SECKELES >from Prague. Was this an
*in-joke* when referring to Prague Jews?

And then he passes the coast of "proud England full of factories"
[echoes of William Blake's Jerusalem and the dark satanic mills perhaps?
- see ref. 4]. He mentions the Goodwin Sands; sees the White Cliffs
of Dover and steam trains passing by. [30 May]

2 June: We also get a glimpse of the Bohemian character as perceived
in the 1840s - "sea travel is not for Bohemians as they are *far too
impatient*, but it is for Germans!

7 June: Great excitment as two whales appear.

18 June: He dreams of home perhaps? The sea is so calm that *Nepujdu
domu* {see ref. 5} could be played on it by Louis with a forte piano.
He feels he could call to Sophie and Bernhard - these must be his siblings.

8th July: with landfall in NY within his sight, our diarist shows his
pride in the Kaiser and the mighty Habsburg Empire by stating that he
has not been as happy since his brother Bernhard took him to the Prater
and they saw the Kaiser, nine years before [he would have been 16!].
See above.

So who was this young man? I am lucky enough to be able to explore this
in the 1793 census which Prof Kisch could not readily consult in 1939.
C.E. ROSENBAUM is probably the grandson of Samuel ROSENBAUM, Handelsmann
of Goltsch Jenikau. Samuel had a first-born son Manasses and four daughters.
There is also Handelsmann Moises ROSENBAUM in the town with sons Joachim,
Lazar and Joseph and three daughters. S.E ROSENBAUM could be named Samuel -
we are not told but we do know that his father, who died before the
journey, was E. ROSENBAUM.

The diarist refers to Habern/Habry as his home as well, but in 1793
there was no ROSENBAUM family living there - only an orphan Luzia ROSENBAUM,
a maid.

Sadly, the two grandchildren of S.E. ROSENBAUM were unwilling to cooperate
with Prof. Kisch so we know little more about him. He may have died
in Allenstown, Pa sometime after May 1903 as he added a schoolboy-type
note to his diary saying that the diary was now 56 years old and he was
81 years & 9 weeks old! He never returned to his homeland to see his
no-doubt, heartbroken mother and siblings. There should be some of his
oil paintings somewhere - in Allenstown Pa. perhaps? It would be great
to locate them.

Celia Male [U.K.]


1. American Jewish Historical Soc. Vol 35, 1939, 65-78

2. Austria-Czech message archives have many references to fez manufacture
in Strakonitz including: 2 Jun 2002 ..... I have still not heard about
the possibility of WEILLs having lived in that town, which is indicated
in the writeup for the Jewish cemetery in Strakonice/Strakonitz as shown
on .... the International Jewish Cemetery project {where it} mentions the
WEILL family has being owners of a *fez factory*. How can I further research
this particular fact? Bernie Weill - Brooklyn, New York.

Answer: Bernie, we now have them listed in the census of Bohemia of 1793.

3. See Austria-Czech message archives 15 & 16 Aug 2005: Sanatorium
Furth, Vienna - Birth and Death links

4. William Blake's *Jerusalem* written in 1804: http://tinyurl.com/bavag

5. Bohemian National Song

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