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Dear H-sigers,
Many time the memorial museum of hungarian speaking jewry in safed
was mentioned in past messages. This time I want to add some new
This is the biggest museum that deals only with hungarian related
history and culture.
The exhibition includes judaica, arts, photos and every day items
and covers pre-holocaust and holocaust times.
Today I visited there and got a 4 hours tour always with the
kind accompaniment of (at least) one of the managers, the
Lustig couple.
I was allowed to use their versatile library and found lots of
information on some family members.

One of the new thing is that the museum is now under computerization.
A touch screen operated computer is being entered data about
all the areas which our sig covers (so far only Hungary and
Romania was entered but hopefully the rest will be entered too).
The data includes the history, jewish community life, rabbis
and many other info about the required place.
The text is accompanied by photos of the town, its synagogue
and cemetery (a photo for each tombstone) - if available.
Regarding the last matter, the museum had hired a photographer
in Hungary who documents the cemeteries. -So for those of
you (Mr. louis Schonfeld and others) who do the same (and didn't
know that the museum also does it) - I think it would be better
if you can cooperate or at least contact the museum and decide
on photographing in different places or so.
Also computerized is the entire collection. Each item is cataloged
with details so you can easily ask one of the workers there to
find what items they have >from the town of your interest.
In the future, as Roni, the Lustig couple's son told me they
are planing to put their computer's database available on
the internet along with other info and links to related sites.

The museum gets every day bulkily envelopes with material from
all over the world. People usually donate material after a visit
to the museum were they see the excellent conditions in which
the items are kept in.
Many donations include family histories and trees (even some artistic
handmade ones), family photos, books, general items and even
things that you may think are worthless for the public (like
personal diary etc...).
Since there are many items and no room for all the museum will
soon move to a different home (only few meters away).
Let me use this opportunity to ask every one of you to check
if there is anything you can donate to the museum. I'm sure
that like I found in my grandparents's storeroom some yellowing
papers thus anyone might find something which would better be
preserved in the museum then being lost in our possession, in the
near future.
So if you have any interesting photo you can either give it to
the museum or make a copy of it and donate it- I, for sure,
will do so.

Well, although I live all my life in Israel it has been the
first, but not last, time I visit this fabulous museum.
Its open only 4 hours each day but it worth the 3 hours travel
each direction!

If you're going to visit there and want more info of how to
arrive, please contact me privately.

Hope it helps someone :-)
Tomer Brunner, ISRAEL.

mod.- dear Tomer and other interested parties. Like many of you, I like to do some things without celebration or announcement. However, lest you think that I am not a supporter of the museum or that we are competing with them in any way I should tell you that my last visit there in November 1998 "cost" me in excess of $1,000 to help them in their work. If Mr. Lustig and his family do have a plan for sharing information about Hungarian Jewish families he can count on me for at least another $1,000. Others are encouraged to contribute as well, either through the facilities of H-sig/Jewishgen or the UJA P.E.F. program (as I did) in order to get the tax benefit or they can contribute directly to the museum in which case they should verify the 501 (c) status. LS

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