Introduction #hungary


Hello fellow "hunkies." My name is David Lebovitz and my wife Diane and our
son Andrew reside in the Chicago area. My wife and I are both half
Hungarian. That means we are both always right and never compromise.
Fortunately(?) our "other "half ", (Litvak and Polish-no jokes please) lends
some levity to our wonderful son's disposition. He's a Ph.D. candidate in
Chemical Engineering at Northwestern Univ. He's single and smart like his
mother. Anyone with a single daughter or granddaughter in the area?
Anyhow, we have roots both in present day Hungary (KLEIN and BERNATH) >from
Gegeny (a small village located about half way between Nyiregyhaza and
Kisvarda) and also what today is Subcarpathian Ukraine. The towns we are
searching are Korolevo(Kiralyhaza), Vinogradov(Nagyszollos),
Drahovo(Kovesliget) and Ugyla. The surnames are LEBOVITZ(-ITS, -ITCH,
I have made two trips to Hungary and one to Ukraine. I have had good success
in the Nyiregyhaza Archive (bring chocolate candy) and hope to return next
year. Hopefully we are seeing the beginning of some cooperation in the
Carpathians as this holds the most intrigue for us.
Thanks for taking the time to read this!
David Lebovitz

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