Re: more names #belarus


Don't know if this will help Chaim, Tomer or others looking for name
equivalents, but for what it's worth, in our family the female Jewish
name "Baila" was Erzebet (Elizabeth) in Hungarian.

on 11/3/99 5:03 AM chaimf@... wrote:

TB> When my grandfather was born and had to be registered, the
TB> clerk asked my gfather's mother for her name, and when she
TB> said that her name is Bela the clerk answered that there isn't
TB> such Hungarian name, and wrote her name as Borbala.
TB> So it it still possible that Betty comes instead of Borbala, but
TB> also other names are likely to do so.

TB> In other cases I came across replacement of Lili by Alice
TB> and Bernat by Bernhard.

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