Vienna to Budapest in 1938 #austria-czech

Joseph Lonstein

Dear SIG members,

I sent this message to the H-SIG last week, but thought this group might also have some ideas.
Two family members with Hungarian roots left their long-time home of Vienna for Budapest in
late 1938.  Both later died in Budapest (one in early 1939 soon after arriving, the other in the
ghetto in 1945).  I've seen their death records in the civil registration books on the LDS website,
which included the names of their parents, age at death, and last home addresses in Budapest.
What, if any, other records in Budapest might I find for them?  Was there anything like
Viennese Meldezettel in Budapest at that time?  Would they have had to fill out any civil forms
in Budapest or register with the local Jewish Community after they arrived in 1938?  Were there
full death certificates issued that might have more information than what's in the civil
registration books on the LDS films?  I'm most interested in their birthplaces, if there were
relatives in Budapest (which compelled them to go there rather than elsewhere), and next of
kin at the time of death.  I'm also curious - was it common for Jews in Vienna to flee for
Budapest in 1938 and what forms would they have had to fill out in Vienna at that time? 
Exit/emigration forms?


Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, Michigan, USA

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