Help find my second cousin #austria-czech

Thomas F. Weiss

Dear Jewish Genners,

On a recent trip to Vienna, I found my grandfather's siblings
after several years of searching. Unfortunately, I also discovered
that all of my grandfather's siblings who lived in Vienna until 1938
perished in the Holocaust along with most of their families. But, I
recently discovered that at least one of his brother's children
survived WWII and came to the US in 1951. I have obtained the
Arrival Record >from HIAS. The names of the family members were
Hermann Fraenkel (a umlaut indicated by ae) , his wife Franziska, and
their son Ulrich Wilhelm. The parents anglicized their names to
Herman and Frances Frankel. I don't know how Ulrich anglicized his
name, but I assume he did.

>from the Social Security Death Index, I have learned that
Herman died in 1972 with his last address in Queens, NY and Franziska
died in 1982 with her last address in Long Beach, NY. Because they
died less than 50 years ago and I am not a direct descendant, it is
my understanding that I cannot get the death certificates for the
parents either >from the State of New York or >from the City of New
York. This might give me a clue to their sons new name or his

Nevertheless, I have written to the Clerk's office in Long
Beach to see if I could get any information about the son >from the
death certificate of his mother. Although Frances Frankel's last
address was in Long Beach, the clerk has written me that she did not
die there so they don't have the death record.

I know that all three persons became US citizens (I have the
dates and certificate numbers) but I cannot get their petitions
because I cannot prove they are deceased since I cannot get death

I have tried various means of searching for Ulrich Frankel on
the Internet without success, perhaps because that is no longer his

Is there any one out there who might have known these people
or who knows Ulrich? Any thoughts on how I might locate him would be
appreciated. Please respond to me privately at tfweiss@....

Thank you very much,
Thomas Fischer Weiss
Newton, MA

FRENKEL (Buchach, Vienna); BUCHHALTER (Skalat); ENGEL (Vienna);
FISCHER (Hriskov, Schlan, Prague); FRAENKEL, FRUCHTER (Rozhnyatov,
Vienna); KATZ (Schlan); KLEPETAR (Jistebnice); MEISELS (Nadworna,
Vienna); OLLOP (Vienna); ORLIK (Pohor, Jistebnice, Benesov, Tabor);
QUADRATSTEIN (Vienna, Saarbrucken); VODICKA (Dobronitz, Jistebnice,
Benesov, Tabor)

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