Free download of Courage of the Spirit August 1-5 #austria-czech


In honor of my parent's memory, I am making my book, Courage of the
Spirit, available for free eBook download through Amazon Kindle >from
August 1-August 5.

August 1 is the date, according to the Jewish calendar, of the passing
of my mother, Irene Weinberg, who survived Nazi persecution while hiding
in the open in Lwow and Warsaw. I am doing this special offer in honor
of her and of my father, Rabbi William Weinberg, who served as the first
State Rabbi of the German State of Hesse after the Shoah .

To download your copy, please go to Click here to go to the
page at Amazon. Click on the "Buy Now" button ( not the "Read for Free"
which is for Kindle subscribers only). The "buy now" will cost $0.00 if
you chose to do so during the Free Giveaway Time. Please feel free to
pass this on to your contacts, as I want to make my father's
incredible story available to a broad public.
You don't need a Kindle to read it. The Amazon website has a
link for information for reading Kindle on any device.

My book, Courage of the Spirit, tells of my father's saga in the
decades up to and through the years of the Shoah. It is a story that
spans thousands of physical miles, by freight train and on foot, >from
the Galician Shtetl to cosmopolitan Vienna and Berlin, and to Stalingrad
and central Asia and back as my father kept one step ahead of the Nazi
armies. It is a story that spans the mental and emotional journey >from
the medieval Shtetl, the great empires, and the weak democracies and
totalitarian regimes that followed, and finally, to freedom.

We are shown a window into life in a Nazi prison and concentration camp,
the day-to-day life of Jews in Nazi Berlin, and the vagaries of survival
under Stalin's totalitarianism.

It is my plan to tell my mother's story as
well as the story of the rebuilding of Jewish communal life in Frankfurt
in the post-war years. I will be basing my work on documents now
archived at the United States Museum of the Holocaust( recently placed
on-line by the Museum).

Please download the ebook >from Amazon >from August 1 through August 5,
and forward this email to your friends and contacts as a way of helping
me honor my parents and spreading the message of Courage of the Spirit..

Shalom and regards,

Rabbi Dr. Norbert Weinberg

Link for information on Courage of the Spirit
Go to Courage of the Spirit


Comments on Courage of the Spirit:

I'm so glad my book reached you. I just finished reading Courage of the Spirit and
I'm simply overwhelmed by the extraordinary story you relate! Your book is an extraordinary
contribution to Jewish thought, as well as the triumphant story of survival in the face of
unimaginable odds. I'm not sure where to begin. I'm actually speechless at the moment.
As a writer, I can appreciate the painstaking research, which went into this book. Every
page was an emotional and intellectual revelation to me. Your writing style is not only
inviting and accessible, but also intellectually engaging. It's as if you consciously set
out to engage those who have a passive interest in the Jewish narrative of the twentieth
century, as well as the intellectual who is well grounded in the history, but may lack an
appreciation for the unfolding human drama. (Ralph Georgy, author of Absolution: A
Palestinian Israeli Love Story)

Congratulation on getting the first volume of your trilogy published! It´s great that the
book is finally available for researchers. I will definitely recommend the book for the Jewish
Museum´s library, other institutions and some Czech historians/researchers who are
interested, especially in the aftermath of the Shoah and the postwar time.(Mgr. Monika
Hankova, The Archives of the Jewish Museum in Prague)

In Rabbi Norbert Weinberg's reckoning of his father's tumultuous, tragic past,
history is no arid enterprise, no bloodless recording of facts and figures. Interspersing
personal reminiscence with detailed historical rendering, Courage of the Spirit brings the
horrific twentieth century to life through the story of Rabbi Wilhelm Weinberg, and his
journey through Nazi camps and Soviet terror.(Saul Austerlitz, author of Sitcom: A History
in 24 Episodes >from I Love Lucy to Community)

Courage of the Spirit by Rabbi Norbert Weinberg is a major contribution to the
literature of the Shoah by transcending the cold facts of those dark days into a personal
account of the experiences of the author's father. Rabbi Weinberg meticulously traces his
father's arrest by the Nazis in 1939 and brings us full circle to his being named the first
State rabbi of Hesse. Throughout those terror-filled days, the rabbi retained his faith and
determination to survive.The book is a must reading to all those who want to capture and be
inspired by the inner strength and resilience of the Jewish people as reflected in the life of
Rabbi William Weinberg. (Rabbi Norbert Weinberg, Rabbi of the Adams Street Shul and
author of A Time to Tell: Stories and Recollections of a Rabbi >from Kristalnacht to the Present ,
''and When The Rabbi Laughs'': A Delightful Compendium Of Contemporary Rabbinic Humor,
and numerous other books.)
Courage of the Spirit was recently featured on Advocacy Heals You, with Joni Aldrich on, the Cancer Support Network, as themes >from the book offered moral and spiritual
courage in life's struggles; the interview can be heard at:

Rabbi Weinberg was interviewed by Phil Blazer, JLTV.TV:This is a link to the conclusion: . The full interview is at at 29:30 seconds into the program

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