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B. Laszlo (family name) Fulop Elek (first name) (1869-1937)- a very famous
painter. Was born in Budapest and later lived in London. His original
family name was Laub.
According to Bela Kempelen (MZSCA vol.2. p.147), Fulop Laszlo died on
Nov.22, 1937, was one of the greatest Hungarian portrait painters. He
changed his family name (Laub) to Laszlo in 1891. He was born in Budapest,
lived in Munnich and Paris. At the young age one of his paintings was
exhibited at Budapest Art Gallery (Mucsarnok).

He lived in London, he received a British citizenship after marrying an
Irish woman. He painted portraits of European monarchs.

His father was Adolf Laub, brother Marcell Laszlo. Adolf had had brothers:
Ignac, Jakab, Mor and Salamon Laub. Mor's children were: Gyula, Adolf,
Bela, Lajos, Ferenc, Laszlo and Ilona (married Szollosi). Laszlo Adolf, dr.
was knighted.

Gyuri (Hong Kong)
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