Gesher Galicia's All Galicia Database and JewishGen's All-Poland and All-Ukraine Databases start data linking agreement #austria-czech


Gesher Galicia is proud to announce that we have started a new data
sharing initiative with our friends at!

Now when you search for a person or a place in the All Galicia
Database (freely available at, at
the bottom of the page of results, you'll see links to matching search
results in relevant databases at JewishGen. And when you do a search
in JewishGen's All-Ukraine Database or All-Poland Database, at the
bottom of their page of results you'll see links to relevant matches
in the All Galicia Database.

This data sharing is accomplished using Gesher Galicia's new API
(Application Programming Interface), which allows our data to stay
solely on our own servers, but still allows other organizations'
computer systems to quickly see if there are any appropriate matches
in our holdings, and generates the appropriate direct links.
Similarly, JewishGen's data holdings remain solely on their own
servers, but they're able to generate deep links to relevant data
sets, where appropriate.

This important data sharing work was first discussed a few years ago,
with the support and cooperation of our late President Pamela
Weisberger z''l, and we are proud to finally be able to bring this
work to fruition in her memory. Her name remains as a co-author on
the data sharing agreement that was signed by the two groups.

Thank you to Warren Blatt and Michael Tobias for all their hard work
at JewishGen to help make this project into a reality.

Gesher Galicia hopes to use this new API to share our data -- which
currently stands at 455,115 records >from 294 different data sources,
and growing every month -- with more non-profit organizations in the
near future. Happy searching!

- Brooke Schreier Ganz
currently Seattle, Washington (but back to Mill Valley, California tomorrow)

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